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General terms of sales


1 › Deliveries are made under present conditions and as per our acknowledgement of receipt.

2 › Except otherwise agreed, delays in delivery time can not result in extra fees for the supplier or cancellation of order by the consignee and particularly in case of non respect of the payment terms or of a major event (wars, hurricanes,etc...) delaying the delivery time.

3 › Parts are forwarded under responsibility of the consignee (even under DDP incoterms) and any claims resulting from bad transportation shall be declared to the carrier directly and in writing

4 › The consignee takes over the responsibility of the material at the moment of the delivery.

5 › Claims on material, except transportation claim, shall be declared within 8 days in writing to the supplier.

6 › No material will be accepted in return without our prior authorisation and thus, this will not mean admittance of our responsibility.

7 › Invoices are paid cash or according to agreed payments terms .

8 › Any amount not paid at due date may result in financial extra costs, calculated on the basis of 3 times the actual rate.

9 › Penalty of 10% may be charged (with a minimum of 38.11 euros) in case of a late payment, in addition to costs described in § 8 .

10 › Financial costs resulting from a delay in payment will be charged to the consignee.

11 › In case the Credit Insurance does no longer offer financial cover on the consignee, the supplier may ask for extra guarantees.

12 › Lawsuits can only be dealt with the Villefranche Commercial Court.

13 › The property of the supplier goes on till the complete payment of the price. Risks are at the charge of the buyer. Partial payments may be kept to cover possible losses in case of re-selling.

14 › The non payment of only one invoice in its terms may make exigible automatically the balance due on all other invoices.

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